ClicShopping: Open Source B2B / B2C e-commerce, gratuito, fácil de usar

ClicShopping is a free application, Open Source, e-Commerce B2B / B2C very flexible and configurable. It is a very light solution that does not require a lot of CPU resources and supports a large load of simultaneous connections. ClicShopping is perfect for small and medium businesses that want to develop autonomy and manage their development with a limited budget while having the opportunity to evolve and support a significant connection load.

Collaboration: a major philosophy of the application

The code is available on Github (open source collaboration platform) and the philosophy of the application is based on collaborative development and knowledge sharing. All modules are available on Github, shareable and installable from the administration. Everything is supported by a community of knowledge sharing and collaboration. between traders and developers.

A markeplace for developers and traders
In addition to the forum, for developers who want to offer modules, a marketplace is available or they can present their development and sell. Merchants can upgrade their solution without changing the core of the application. Ensures faster and easier security and maintenance.

Respect for legal rules
ClicShopping is designed on a pragmatic approach and adapting to different types of legal legislation while taking into account the European regulation (GRPD), the management of the double taxes, or payment without taxes or with taxes.
Indicators of decision support, understanding of your market
ClicShopping is designed to dynamically display several types of indicators depending on your page or integrations that have been incorporated into the application

  • Dashboard: Customizable, viewable and dynamic. You can have very quick access to your main indicators.
  • Simple, fast and highly configurable shop: In addition to the configurations, each module can have specificities increasing your ability to configure ClicShopping according to your business objectives.
  • Manage your product catalog: customize your products, orders, stocks in your back office.
  • Animate your shop and be visible: Develop your promotions, favorites, your favorite products, while setting up and optimizing your SEO
  •  Customer management: Distinguished B2B / B2C customers, configure your application according to your target (B2C, B2B, or B2C / B2B). Many options are available to improve your customer relationships and build loyalty.

Proveedor: Innov'Concept

Ventajas de ClicShopping

  • Flexibilidad y adaptabilidad a sus necesidades.
  • Fácil de llevar, fácil de usar y ergonómico.
  • Collaboration between actors
  • Certificaciones: GDPR

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Diseño Web
Administración PHP
Blog y artículos
CSS personalizable
Campañas publicitarias
Edición código HTML
Favicono personalizado
Formulario de contacto
Galería de fotos
Generación de mapas de sitios
Gestión de compradores
Gestión de flujo RSS
Gestión de miembros
Gestión de vendedores
Logo personalizable
Moderación de comentarios
Motor de busqueda
Nombre de dominio personalizado
Responsive Design
Resultados HTML instantáneos
Sitio web multilingüe
Cesta de compras
Comparador de precios
Estimación de costos de puerto
European Article Number (EAN)
Flujo de productos
Gestión de categorias de productos
Gestión de costes de entrega
Gestión de código de barras
Gestión de promociones
Gestión de tasas
Gestión de tiendas
Gestión del carrito abandonado
Gestión del ciclo de vida del producto
Guest Check Out
Integración con marketplace
Pago en línea
Product Packaging
Seguimiento de Envíos
Tracking de ventas
Ventas sugeridas

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